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Name: Fujitsu
2904 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95134

Main URL:
Driver URL:
Phone Number: 1-408-432-6333
Support Number: 1-800-626-4686
Additional Information:

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Fujitsu Input Drivers:

SetPoint 4.00BR
SetPoint 4.24
SetPoint 4.80
SetPoint 4.80 BT
SetPoint 6.00
SetPoint 6.10
Access IBM Hotkey driver for USB Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader
Agere Wireless Adapter Package
Alps Pointing-device
Asus Logicool Mouse V4.00.121/V4.0.101.0
Asus Logitech Controls V4.00.121_V4.0.101.0
Asus Logitech USB Mouse v4.00.121 v4.0.101.0
ASUS Logitech USB MOUSE V4.00.121/V4.0.101.0
Asus USB Mouse V4.00.121/V4.0.101.0
ATI Fire GL 8700/8800 Video Accelerator
ATI FireGL X1-128 SECONDARY Video Accelerator
BUFFALO WLI-CB-G240 Wireless LAN Adapter
Compal* JFW91 Build-To-Order Notebook, Verified by Intel® Smart Watch Dog Driv
Compaq Easy Access Internet Keyboard (Win2K)
Compaq System Board Software Adjustment CD
Cyborg V.1 Keyboard
Cyborg V.5 Keyboard
Dell BT Travel Mouse Application Release
Dell Dell XPS M2010 Mouse
Dell Enhanced Performance USB Keyboard
Dell Enhanced Quietkey (PS2) / Performance (USB) Keyboards
Dell Enhanced QuietKey PS2 with DellTouch
Eclipse III
Enhanced Mulmedia PS/2 Keyboard
Fujitsu ErgoPro e154
Fujitsu ErgoPro e174
FUJITSU ErgoPro x140f
FUJITSU ErgoPro x174
Fujitsu ICL ErgoPro e142
Fujitsu Scanner
Fujitsu Siemens C700
Fujitsu Siemens 177V
Fujitsu Siemens 21T3
Fujitsu Siemens 3814 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 3815FA
Fujitsu Siemens 3816FA
Fujitsu Siemens 381V FA
Fujitsu Siemens 382V FA
Fujitsu Siemens 383V FA
Fujitsu Siemens 3851 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 38B1
Fujitsu Siemens 38B2 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 4311 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 4312 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 43B1M
Fujitsu Siemens 4613 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 4614 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 461V FA
Fujitsu Siemens 462E FA
Fujitsu Siemens 462V FA
Fujitsu Siemens 463V FA
Fujitsu Siemens 5110 FA
Fujitsu Siemens 96 kHz Monitor
Fujitsu Siemens B15-1
Fujitsu Siemens B17-1
Fujitsu Siemens C15-1
Fujitsu Siemens C17-2
Fujitsu Siemens C381 FA
Fujitsu Siemens C383FA (-V151)
Fujitsu Siemens C384FA-M
Fujitsu Siemens C700
Fujitsu Siemens C900
Fujitsu Siemens C994
Fujitsu Siemens C996F
Fujitsu Siemens CTM5005
Fujitsu Siemens CTM7011
Fujitsu Siemens CTM9011D
Fujitsu Siemens E18-1
Fujitsu Siemens P15-1
Fujitsu Siemens P15-1A
Fujitsu Siemens P17-1
Fujitsu Siemens P19-1
Fujitsu Siemens P7961
Fujitsu Siemens S5
Fujitsu Siemens S7
Fujitsu Siemens SCALEO CTM7010
Fujitsu Siemens SCALEOVIEW T15-1
Fujitsu Siemens SCALEOVIEW T17-1
Fujitsu Siemens SCALEOVIEW T19-1
Fujitsu Siemens T17-2
Fujitsu Siemens X15-1
Fujitsu Siemens X17-1
Fujitsu Stylistic LT8xxP Tablet Pen Device
Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Tablet Pen Device
GE 98709 Teclado
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-9XX Vista
Hotkey driver for USB Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7 (32-bit and
Hotkey driver for USB Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader for Windows Vista
Hotkey driver for USB Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader for Windows XP
hp e-pc 40, USB keyboard driver
hp e-pc 42 and hp vectra vl420, USB keyboard driver
hp e-pc 42, USB Keyboard driver
HP Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Driver Update
HP Enhanced Multimedia PS/2 and USB Keyboard Driver Update
HP Logitech SetPoint Software for Microsoft Windows XP (32- and 64-bit)
HP PS2 Keyboard (2K - 20)
HP USB Internet Keyboard
IBM Rapid Access Keyboard II driver for Windows 98SE
IBM Rapid Access Keyboard II driver for Windows 98SE (Working Families)
IBM Rapid Access Keyboard II driver for Windows Me
IBM Rapid Access Keyboard II driver for Windows Me (PeoplePC)
IBM Rapid Access Keyboard II driver for Windows Me (Working Families)
Intel Smart Watch Dog Driver
Intellipoint 5.5 (Deutsche)
IntelliType 5.3
IntelliType Pro 5.5
IntelliType Pro 6.3 32-bit for Windows XP
IntelliType Pro 6.31 64-bit for Windows XP
IntelliType Pro 6.31 for Windows 2000 (SP4 or higer)
KB905213 ÔÇô Device Manufacturer Update for eHome Infrared Receiver
KU709 driver for Windows
Lenovo Access IBM Hotkey driver
Logicool Unifying USB receiver
Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle for AIO Device
Logitech Cordless Desktop Mouse/Keyboard
Logitech HID Keyboard Consumer Controls
Logitech Mouse/Keyboard/Touchpad
Logitech Other Drivers (USB G9) version 5.20.40
Logitech Other Drivers Mouse(USB_G9) version
Logitech SetPoint (v3.30)
Logitech SetPoint 2.60
Logitech SetPoint 3.10
Logitech SetPoint 3.30bt
Logitech SetPoint 4.00 (32-bit)
Logitech SetPoint 4.00 (64-bit)
Logitech SetPoint 4.24 BT
Logitech SetPoint 4.24 BT x64
Logitech SetPoint 4.40 (32-bit)
Logitech SetPoint 4.60
Logitech Setpoint 4.72
Logitech SetPoint 4.80 for XP, Vista, Win7 (64-bit)
Logitech SetPoint 5.0 for G9 Laser Mouse
Logitech SetPoint 5.0 x64
Logitech SetPoint Software
Logitech SetPoint V4.70
Logitech SetPoint V4.70 RC build 203
Logitech SetPoint, 64bit (v3.30)
Logitech USB Mouse v4.00.121/V4.0.101.0
Microsoft IntelliType Pro
Microsoft IntelliType Pro 6.1
Microsoft IntelliType Pro 6.2 32-bit for Windows Vista
Microsoft IntelliType Pro v5.2
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded (XPe) Add-On
Original - Sony Fan Control Utility
Original - Sony® Fan Control Utility
PenMount 6000 USB
PS/2 Millennium Keyboard
Saitek Cyborg Keyboard Hot Keys (HID)
Saitek Eclipse Multimedia Keyboard Hot Keys (HID)
SetPoint 4.60 (64-bit)
SetPoint 5.20
Smart Watchdog Utility
Standard 101/102-key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
ThinkPad Enhanced Multitouch Driver
Thrustmaster(TM) Tacticalboard (USB)
Toshiba Wireless LAN Card
Toshiba Wireless LAN Driver for Windows XP
Toshiba Wireless LAN Drivers (Agere, Atheros, Cisco, Intel) for Windows XP/2000
Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
USB Mouse utility
Wacom CintiqPartner
Wacom Digitizer Driver
Wacom Mouse
Wacom Mouse Monitor
Wacom Penabled Driver Driver 5.05-7 (RC) for Penabled Tablet PCs
Wacom Penabled HID MiniDriver
Wireless PC Card
Wireless PC Card Model 0104