Cirrus Logic

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Name: Cirrus Logic
2901 Via Fortuna
Austin, Texas 78746

Main URL:
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Phone Number: 1-512-851-4000
Support Number:
Additional Information:

For Cirrus drivers it is recommended you go to the device manufacturer instead of Cirrus. If you can't get support from the manufacturer then Cirrus does offer generic drivers that will work.

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Cirrus Logic Video Drivers:

Cirrus Logic 5480 PCI v1.10
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5480 Graphics Adapter 1.22
Cirrus Logic GD7543 Video Drivers
Cirrus Logic GD7548 Video Drivers
Compaq QVision and Cirrus Logic
Graphics Blaster 3D
Graphics Blaster 3D / Eclipse
Intense3D VGA