Microsoft Windows XP Embedded (XPe) Add-On

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Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard

Devices this driver supports:
Adobe LaserJet II Cartridge v52.3
ALST USB Telephone Handset
Altec USB Audio
Apollo P-1200
Apollo P2100/P2300U
Apollo P2200
Apricot Laser
Aztech 2320 Compatible PnP Audio (WDM)
Boston 2-piece USB Audio Device
Boston USB Audio Device
Brother DCP-1200
Brother FAX-2660
Brother FAX-2750
Brother FAX-3750
Brother FAX-4750
Brother FAX-5750
Brother FAX-8050P
Brother FAX-8250P
Brother FAX-8350P
Brother FAX-8650P
Brother FAX-8750P
Brother FAX5750
Brother HJ-100
Brother HJ-100i
Brother HJ-400
Brother HJ-770
Brother HL-1020
Brother HL-1040
Brother HL-1040 (600 dpi)
Brother HL-1050
Brother HL-1060
Brother HL-1060 BR-Script2
Brother HL-1070
Brother HL-1070 BR-Script2
Brother HL-10DV
Brother HL-10h
Brother HL-10h PS
Brother HL-10PS/DPS
Brother HL-10V
Brother HL-1240
Brother HL-1250
Brother HL-1260
Brother HL-1260 BR-Script2
Brother HL-1260e
Brother HL-1260e BR-Script2
Brother HL-1270N
Brother HL-1270N BR-Script2
Brother HL-1650/70N BR-Script3
Brother HL-1650/70N BS3000
Brother HL-1650/HL-1670N
Brother HL-1660
Brother HL-1660 BR-Script2
Brother HL-1660e
Brother HL-1660e BR-Script2
Brother HL-2060
Brother HL-2060 BR-Script2
Brother HL-2400C
Brother HL-2400C BR-Script2
Brother HL-2400Ce
Brother HL-2400Ce BR-Script3
Brother HL-2400CN
Brother HL-2460
Brother HL-2460 BR-Script3
Brother HL-2460 BS3000
Brother HL-3260N
Brother HL-3260N BR-Script3
Brother HL-3400CN
Brother HL-3400CN BR-Script3
Brother HL-4
Brother HL-4PS
Brother HL-4V
Brother HL-4Ve
Brother HL-6
Brother HL-630
Brother HL-660
Brother HL-660 series (MS)
Brother HL-6V
Brother HL-720
Brother HL-730
Brother HL-730 (600 dpi)
Brother HL-730+
Brother HL-760
Brother HL-8
Brother HL-820
Brother HL-8D
Brother HL-8e
Brother HL-8PS
Brother HL-8V
Brother HL-P2000
Brother HL-P2500
Brother HS-5000 BR-Script2
Brother HS-5300 BR-Script2
Brother M-1309
Brother M-1324
Brother M-1809
Brother M-1818
Brother M-1824L
Brother M-1909
Brother M-1918
Brother M-1924L
Brother M-4318
Brother MFC Pro-700
Brother MFC-3900
Brother MFC-4000
Brother MFC-4300
Brother MFC-4350
Brother MFC-4350J
Brother MFC-4400
Brother MFC-4450
Brother MFC-4500
Brother MFC-4600
Brother MFC-4650
Brother MFC-5000
Brother MFC-5500
Brother MFC-5550
Brother MFC-6000
Brother MFC-6550
Brother MFC-6650J
Brother MFC-6650MC
Brother MFC-7000FC
Brother MFC-7150C
Brother MFC-7160C
Brother MFC-7200FC
Brother MFC-730
Brother MFC-7300C
Brother MFC-7300C USB
Brother MFC-740
Brother MFC-7400C
Brother MFC-7400C USB
Brother MFC-7400J
Brother MFC-7400J USB
Brother MFC-760
Brother MFC-7650MC
Brother MFC-7750
Brother MFC-830
Brother MFC-830 USB
Brother MFC-8300
Brother MFC-8300J
Brother MFC-8300J USB
Brother MFC-840
Brother MFC-840 USB
Brother MFC-860
Brother MFC-860 USB
Brother MFC-8600
Brother MFC-8700
Brother MFC-9000
Brother MFC-9050
Brother MFC-9060
Brother MFC-9100C
Brother MFC-9200C
Brother MFC-9200C USB
Brother MFC-9200J
Brother MFC-9200J USB
Brother MFC-9500
Brother MFC-9550
Brother MFC-9600
Brother MFC-9600J
Brother MFC-9600J USB
Brother MFC-9650
Brother MFC-9750
Brother MFC-9850
Brother MFC-9870
Brother MFC-P2000
Brother MFC-P2500
Brother MFC4550/4550J
Brother MFC6550/7550
Brother MFC8600/9650 Series
Brother MFC9000/9500
Brother MFC9600/9870 Series
Brother MFC9750/1200 Series
Brother P2500 Series
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-100
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-10e
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-10ex
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-10sx
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-130
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-130e
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-20
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-200
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-200e
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-200ex
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-230
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-30
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-300
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-330
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-1000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-1000SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2000SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-210
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2100
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-2100SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-210SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-240
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-250
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-255SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-265SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-3000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4100
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4200
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4200SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4300
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4300SP
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4400
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4550
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4650
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-50
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-55
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-5500
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-600
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-600e
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-610
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6100
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-620
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6200
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-6500
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-70
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-7000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-7100
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-80
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-800
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-8000
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-820
Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-85
Canon Bubble-Jet S400
Canon Bubble-Jet S450
Canon Bubble-Jet S4500
Canon C LBP 360 PS
Canon C LBP 460PS
Canon ColorPASS-Z20e
Canon ColorPASS-Z40
Canon ColorPASS-Z40e
Canon ColorPASS-Z5000
Canon ColorPASS-Z60
Canon ColorPASS-Z60 V2.0
Canon ColorPASS-Z90
Canon CP660PS
Canon GP160 PCL 5e
Canon GP160F PCL 5e
Canon GP160PF PCL 5e
Canon GP200 PCL 5e
Canon GP200-225 PS
Canon GP200/GP215 PostScript
Canon GP210 PCL 5e
Canon GP215 PCL 5e
Canon GP220 PCL 5e
Canon GP225 PCL 5e
Canon GP300-405 PS Ver 1.0
Canon GP555-605 PS Ver 2.0P
Canon GP605-605P PS Ver 1.01
Canon GP605-605P PS Ver 2.0
Canon imageCLASS 2200 PCL 5e
Canon imageCLASS 2210 PCL 5e
Canon imageCLASS 2220 PCL 5e
Canon imageCLASS 4000 PCL 5e
Canon imageCLASS 4000PS
Canon imageCLASS C2100
Canon imageRUNNER 210 PCL 5e
Canon imageRUNNER 210 PS
Canon imageRUNNER C2020-2050
Canon iR C2100S-2100
Canon iR330-400 PS Ver 1.0
Canon iR600-550-60 PS Ver 2.0
Canon iR600-550-60 PS Ver 2.0P
Canon iR600-60 PS Ver 1.01
Canon LBP-1000 PCL 5e
Canon LBP-1000PS
Canon LBP-1260
Canon LBP-1260 Plus
Canon LBP-1260 Plus PS
Canon LBP-1260 PS
Canon LBP-1260C
Canon LBP-1260C PCL
Canon LBP-1260C PS
Canon LBP-1760
Canon LBP-1760 PS
Canon LBP-1760e PCL 5e
Canon LBP-2460
Canon LBP-2460PS
Canon LBP-3260
Canon LBP-3260PS
Canon LBP-4
Canon LBP-4 Lite
Canon LBP-4 Lite PS-2 v51.4
Canon LBP-4 Plus
Canon LBP-4 Plus PS-2 v51.4
Canon LBP-4 PS-2 v51.4
Canon LBP-430
Canon LBP-430W
Canon LBP-4i
Canon LBP-4sx
Canon LBP-4U
Canon LBP-8 II
Canon LBP-8 III
Canon LBP-8 III Plus
Canon LBP-8 IIIR
Canon LBP-8 IIIT
Canon LBP-8 IIR
Canon LBP-8 IIT
Canon LBP-8 IV
Canon LBP-860
Canon LBP-8III Plus PS-1 v51.4
Canon LBP-8III PS-1 v51.4
Canon LBP-8IIIR PS-1 v51.4
Canon LBP-8IIIT PS-1 v51.4
Canon LBP-8sx
Canon PS-IPU Color Laser Copier v52.3
Canon PS-IPU Kanji Color Laser Copier v52.3
Canon PS-NX20W
Canon PS-NX40
Canon PS-NX40W
Canon PS-NX5000
Canon PS-NX60
Canon PS-NX60 V2.0
Canon PS-NX90
Canopus DA-Port USB
Colormate PS v51.9
Compaq IJ1200 Inkjet Printer
Compaq IJ300 Inkjet Printer
Compaq IJ600 Inkjet Printer
Compaq IJ700 Inkjet Printer
Compaq IJ750 Inkjet Printer
Compaq IJ900 Inkjet Printer
Compaq PageMarq 15
COMPAQ PAGEMARQ 15 v2012.015
Compaq PageMarq 20
COMPAQ PAGEMARQ 20 v2012.015
Eastman Kodak 1580
EGO SYS WaveTerminal U2A
Epson 600Q ESC/P 2
Epson ActionLaser 1000
Epson ActionLaser 1100
Epson ActionLaser 1400
Epson ActionLaser 1500
Epson ActionLaser 1600
Epson ActionLaser II
Epson ActionLaser Plus
EPSON AL-1000/1500 EpsonScript
Epson AL-C2000
Epson AL-C8500
Epson AP-2000
Epson AP-2250
Epson AP-2500
Epson AP-3000
Epson AP-3250 ESC/P 2
Epson AP-3250 Scalable Font
Epson AP-3260 ESC/P 2
Epson AP-3300 ESC/P 2
Epson AP-4000
Epson AP-4500
Epson AP-5000 ESC/P 2
Epson AP-5000 Scalable Font
Epson AP-5000+ ESC/P 2
Epson AP-5500 ESC/P 2
Epson AP-5500 Scalable Font
Epson AP-5500+ ESC/P 2
Epson Compatible 24 Pin
Epson Compatible 9 Pin
Epson DFX-5000
Epson DFX-5000+
Epson DFX-8000
Epson DFX-8500
Epson DLQ-2000
Epson DLQ-3000 ESC/P 2
Epson DLQ-3000+ ESC/P 2
Epson EPL-3000
EPSON EPL-3000 EpsonScript
Epson EPL-4000
Epson EPL-4100
Epson EPL-4200
Epson EPL-4300
Epson EPL-5000
EPSON EPL-5000/5200 EpsonScript
Epson EPL-5200
Epson EPL-5200+
EPSON EPL-5200+ EpsonScript
Epson EPL-5500
Epson EPL-5600
Epson EPL-5700
Epson EPL-5800
Epson EPL-6000
Epson EPL-7000
Epson EPL-7100
EPSON EPL-7500 v52.3
Epson EPL-8000
Epson EPL-8100
Epson EPL-9000
Epson EPL-C8000
Epson EPL-C8200
Epson EPL-N1200
Epson EPL-N1200/A4 EPSONScript
Epson EPL-N1600
Epson EPL-N2000
Epson EPL-N2000/A4 EPSONScript
Epson EPL-N2050
Epson EPL-N2700
Epson EPL-N2750
Epson EPL-N4000
Epson EPL-N4000+
Epson EX-1000
Epson EX-800
Epson FX-100
Epson FX-100+
Epson FX-1000
Epson FX-105
Epson FX-1050
Epson FX-1170
Epson FX-1180
Epson FX-185
Epson FX-2170
Epson FX-2180
Epson FX-286
Epson FX-286e
Epson FX-80
Epson FX-80+
Epson FX-800
Epson FX-85
Epson FX-850
Epson FX-86e
Epson FX-870
Epson FX-880
Epson FX-980
Epson GQ-3500
Epson JX-80
Epson L-1000
Epson L-750
EPSON LP-3000PS F2 v52.3
EPSON LP-3000PS F5 v52.3
Epson LQ-100 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-100 Scalable Font
Epson LQ-1000
Epson LQ-1010
Epson LQ-1050
Epson LQ-1050+
Epson LQ-1060
Epson LQ-1060+
Epson LQ-1070 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-1070 Scalable Font
Epson LQ-1070+ ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-1170 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-1170 Scalable Font
Epson LQ-150 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-1500
Epson LQ-200
Epson LQ-2070 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-2080 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-2170 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-2180 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-2500
Epson LQ-2550
Epson LQ-300 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-400
Epson LQ-450
Epson LQ-500
Epson LQ-510
Epson LQ-550
Epson LQ-560
Epson LQ-570 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-570 Scalable Font
Epson LQ-570+ ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-570e ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-580 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-670 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-680 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-680Pro ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-800
Epson LQ-850
Epson LQ-850+
Epson LQ-860
Epson LQ-860+
Epson LQ-870 ESC/P 2
Epson LQ-870 Scalable Font
Epson LQ-950
Epson LX-100
Epson LX-1050
Epson LX-1050+
Epson LX-300
Epson LX-300+
Epson LX-400
Epson LX-80
Epson LX-800
Epson LX-810
Epson LX-850
Epson LX-850+
Epson LX-86
Epson MX-100
Epson MX-80
Epson MX-80 F/T
EPSON PostScript CARD v52.5
Epson RX-100
Epson RX-100+
Epson RX-80
Epson RX-80 F/T
Epson RX-80 F/T+
Epson SQ-1170 ESC/P 2
Epson SQ-1170 Scalable Font
Epson SQ-2000
Epson SQ-2500
Epson SQ-2550
Epson SQ-850
Epson SQ-870 ESC/P 2
Epson SQ-870 Scalable Font
Epson Stylus 1000 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 1500 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 200 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 300 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 400 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 800 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 800+ ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus 820 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 1160 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 1520 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 200 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 3000 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 400 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 440 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 460 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 500 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 600 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 640 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 660 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 670 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 680 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 740 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 760 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 777 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 800 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 850 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 860 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 900 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR 980 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR II ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus COLOR IIs ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo 1200 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo 1270 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo 2000P ESC/P
Epson Stylus Photo 700 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo 720 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo 750 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo 870 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo EX ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Photo EX3 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Pro 5000 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Pro ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Pro XL ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Pro XL+ ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Scan 2000 ESC/P 2
Epson Stylus Scan 2500 ESC/P 2
Epson T-1000
Epson T-750
EZPhone Camera Mic
Fujitsu Breeze 100
Fujitsu Breeze 200
Fujitsu DL 1100
Fujitsu DL 1100 Colour
Fujitsu DL 1150
Fujitsu DL 1200
Fujitsu DL 1250
Fujitsu DL 2400
Fujitsu DL 2600
Fujitsu DL 3300
Fujitsu DL 3350
Fujitsu DL 3400
Fujitsu DL 3450
Fujitsu DL 3600
Fujitsu DL 4400
Fujitsu DL 4600
Fujitsu DL 5600
Fujitsu DL 900
Fujitsu DX 2100
Fujitsu DX 2200
Fujitsu DX 2300
Fujitsu DX 2400
Fujitsu PrintPartner 10V
Fujitsu PrintPartner 12V
Fujitsu PrintPartner 14ADV
Fujitsu PrintPartner 14V/AV
Fujitsu PrintPartner 16ADV
Fujitsu PrintPartner 16DV
Fujitsu PrintPartner 20W
Fujitsu RX7100PS v50.3
Generic USB Audio Device
Harman/Kardon SoundSticks
Hermes H 606
Hermes H 606 PS (13 Fonts)
Hermes H 606 PS (35 fonts)
Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 Plotter
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 2100C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3300C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3400C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3p
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4100C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4200C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4300C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4p
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5100C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5200C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5300C/5370C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5p
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6100C or 4c/3c
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6200C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6300C
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIc
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIcx
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIp
HP 2000C
HP 2500C Series
HP 2500C Series PCL5Ce
HP 2500C Series PS3
HP 7550 Plus
HP Business Inkjet 2200/2250 (HPA)
HP Business Inkjet 2250 (PCL5C)
HP Business Inkjet 2250 (PS)
HP C LaserJet 4500-PS
HP Color LaserJet
HP Color LaserJet 4500
HP Color LaserJet 4550 PCL
HP Color LaserJet 4550 PS
HP Color LaserJet 5
HP Color LaserJet 5/5M PS
HP Color LaserJet 5M
HP Color LaserJet 8500 PCL
HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS
HP Color LaserJet 8550 PCL
HP Color LaserJet 8550-PS
HP Color LaserJet PS
HP CopyJet
HP CopyJet M/PS
HP D 640
HP DesignJet (C3180A)
HP DesignJet 200 (C3180A)
HP DesignJet 200 (C3181A)
HP DesignJet 220 (D/A1)
HP DesignJet 220 (E/A0)
HP DesignJet 230 (D/A1)
HP DesignJet 230 (E/A0)
HP DesignJet 250C (D/A1)
HP DesignJet 250C (E/A0)
HP DesignJet 330 (D/A1)
HP DesignJet 330 (E/A0)
HP DesignJet 3500CP PS3
HP DesignJet 350C (D/A1)
HP DesignJet 350C (E/A0)
HP DesignJet 600 (C2847A)
HP DesignJet 600 (C2848A)
HP DesignJet 650C (C2858A)
HP DesignJet 650C (C2858B)
HP DesignJet 650C (C2859A)
HP DesignJet 650C (C2859B)
HP DesignJet 650C v2013.109
HP DesignJet 750C (D/A1) Color
HP DesignJet 750C (D/A1) Mono
HP DesignJet 750C (E/A0) Color
HP DesignJet 750C (E/A0) Mono
HP DesignJet 750C/PS
HP DesignJet 755CM
HP DesignJet 755CM 600 dpi Mono
HP DesignJet 755CM/PS
HP DeskJet
HP DeskJet 1000C
HP DeskJet 1100C
HP DeskJet 1120C
HP DeskJet 1125C
HP DeskJet 1200C
HP DeskJet 1200C/PS
HP DeskJet 1220C
HP DeskJet 1600C
HP DeskJet 1600CM/PS
HP DeskJet 310
HP DeskJet 320
HP DeskJet 340
HP DeskJet 340 (Monochrome)
HP DeskJet 350
HP DeskJet 350 (Monochrome)
HP DeskJet 400
HP DeskJet 400 (Monochrome)
HP DeskJet 420
HP DeskJet 500
HP DeskJet 500C
HP DeskJet 510
HP DeskJet 520
HP DeskJet 540
HP DeskJet 540 (Monochrome)
HP DeskJet 550C
HP DeskJet 560C
HP DeskJet 600
HP DeskJet 600 (Monochrome)
HP DeskJet 610C
HP DeskJet 612C
HP DeskJet 615C
HP DeskJet 640C/642C/648C
HP DeskJet 660C
HP DeskJet 660Cse
HP DeskJet 670C
HP DeskJet 672C
HP DeskJet 680C
HP DeskJet 682C
HP DeskJet 690C
HP DeskJet 691C
HP DeskJet 692C
HP DeskJet 693C
HP DeskJet 694C
HP DeskJet 695C
HP DeskJet 697C
HP DeskJet 710C
HP DeskJet 712C
HP DeskJet 720C
HP DeskJet 722C
HP DeskJet 810C
HP DeskJet 812C
HP DeskJet 815C
hp deskjet 816c
HP DeskJet 820Cse
HP DeskJet 820Cxi
HP DeskJet 830C/832C
HP DeskJet 840C/841C/842C/843C
hp deskjet 845c
HP DeskJet 850C
HP DeskJet 855C
HP DeskJet 855Cse
HP DeskJet 855Cxi
HP DeskJet 870C
HP DeskJet 870Cse
HP DeskJet 870Cxi
HP DeskJet 880C
HP DeskJet 882C
HP DeskJet 890C
HP DeskJet 895Cse
HP DeskJet 895Cxi
hp deskjet 920c
HP DeskJet 930C/932C/935C
hp deskjet 940c
hp deskjet 948c
HP DeskJet 950C/952C/959C
HP DeskJet 955C
HP DeskJet 957C
hp deskjet 960c
HP DeskJet 970Cse
HP DeskJet 970Cxi
hp deskjet 980c
hp deskjet 990c
HP DeskJet Plus
HP DeskJet Portable
HP DraftMaster RX/MX
HP DraftMaster SX
HP DraftPro Plus (C3170A)
HP DraftPro Plus (C3171A)
HP LaserJet
HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)
HP LaserJet 1200 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 1200 Series PS (MS)
HP LaserJet 1220 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 1220 Series PS (MS)
HP LaserJet 2000
HP LaserJet 2100
HP LaserJet 2100 PCL6
HP LaserJet 2100 Series PS
HP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 2200 Series PS (MS)
HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 3200 Series PS
HP LaserJet 4
HP LaserJet 4 Plus
HP LaserJet 4/4M Plus PS 300
HP LaserJet 4/4M Plus PS 600
HP LaserJet 4/4M PS
HP LaserJet 4/4M PS (300 dpi)
HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL6
HP LaserJet 4000 Series PS
HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL6
HP LaserJet 4050 Series PS
HP LaserJet 4100 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 4100 Series PS
HP LaserJet 4L
HP LaserJet 4L/4ML PostScript
HP LaserJet 4M
HP LaserJet 4M Plus
HP LaserJet 4ML
HP LaserJet 4MP
HP LaserJet 4MV
HP LaserJet 4P
HP LaserJet 4P/4MP PS
HP LaserJet 4P/4MP PS (300 dpi)
HP LaserJet 4Si
HP LaserJet 4Si MX
HP LaserJet 4Si/4Si MX PS
HP LaserJet 4V
HP LaserJet 4V/4MV PostScript
HP LaserJet 5
HP LaserJet 5/5M PostScript
HP LaserJet 500+
HP LaserJet 5000 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 5000 Series PCL6
HP LaserJet 5000 Series PS
HP LaserJet 5L
HP LaserJet 5M
HP LaserJet 5MP
HP LaserJet 5N
HP LaserJet 5P
HP LaserJet 5P/5MP PostScript
HP LaserJet 5Si
HP LaserJet 5Si Mopier
HP LaserJet 5Si Mopier PS
HP LaserJet 5Si MX
HP LaserJet 5Si/5Si MX PS
HP LaserJet 6L
HP LaserJet 6MP
HP LaserJet 6P
HP LaserJet 6P/6MP PostScript
HP LaserJet 8000 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 8000 Series PS
HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL6
HP LaserJet 8100 Series PS
HP LaserJet 8150 Series PCL
HP LaserJet 8150 Series PS
HP LaserJet IID
HP LaserJet IID PostScript Cartridge v52.2
HP LaserJet III
HP LaserJet III PostScript Cartridge v52.2
HP LaserJet III PostScript Plus v2010.118
HP LaserJet IIID
HP LaserJet IIID PostScript Cartridge v52.2
HP LaserJet IIID PostScript Plus v2010.118
HP LaserJet IIIP
HP LaserJet IIIP PostScript Cartridge v52.2
HP LaserJet IIIP PostScript Plus v2010.118
HP LaserJet IIISi
HP LaserJet IIISi PostScript v52.3
HP LaserJet IIP
HP LaserJet IIP Plus
HP LaserJet IIP PostScript Cartridge v52.2
HP LaserJet Plus
HP LaserJet Series II
HP Mopier 240 PCL
HP Mopier 240 PS
HP Mopier 320 PCL
HP Mopier 320 PS
HP OfficeJet
HP OfficeJet 300
HP OfficeJet 330
HP OfficeJet 350
HP OfficeJet G55
HP OfficeJet G55xi
HP OfficeJet G85
HP OfficeJet G85xi
HP OfficeJet G95
HP OfficeJet K60
HP OfficeJet K60xi
HP OfficeJet K80
HP OfficeJet K80xi
HP OfficeJet LX
HP OfficeJet Pro 1150 C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1170C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1170Cse
HP OfficeJet Pro 1170Cxi
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175Cse
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175Cxi
HP OfficeJet R40
HP OfficeJet R40xi
HP OfficeJet R45
HP OfficeJet R60
HP OfficeJet R65
HP OfficeJet R80
HP OfficeJet R80xi
HP OfficeJet V30
HP OfficeJet V40
HP OfficeJet V40xi
HP OfficeJet V45
HP PaintJet
HP PaintJet XL
HP PaintJet XL 300
HP PaintJet XL300 v2011.112
HP PSC 500
HP PSC 720
HP PSC 750
HP PSC 750xi
HP PSC 920
HP PSC 950
HP QuietJet
HP QuietJet Plus
HP ThinkJet (2225 C-D)
IBM 2380 Plus
IBM 2381 Plus
IBM 2390 Plus
IBM 2390 PS/1
IBM 2391 Plus
IBM 4019 LaserPrinter
IBM 4019 LaserPrinter PS17
IBM 4019 LaserPrinter PS39
IBM 4029 LaserPrinter
IBM 4029 LaserPrinter PS17
IBM 4029 LaserPrinter PS39
IBM 4037 5E
IBM 4039 LaserPrinter
IBM 4039 LaserPrinter Plus
IBM 4039 LaserPrinter plus PS
IBM 4039 LaserPrinter PS
IBM 4070 IJ
IBM 4079 Color Jetprinter PS
IBM 4216-020 v47.0
IBM 4216-030 v50.5
IBM 4226 Model 302
IBM ExecJet 4072
IBM ExecJet 4076 II
IBM Graphics
IBM InfoPrint 20
IBM InfoPrint 20 PS
IBM Infoprint 21 PS
IBM InfoPrint 32
IBM InfoPrint 32 PS
IBM InfoPrint 40
IBM InfoPrint 40 PS
IBM Network Color Printer
IBM Network Printer 12 (PCL)
IBM Network Printer 12 PS
IBM Network Printer 17 (PCL)
IBM Network Printer 17 PS
IBM Network Printer 24 (PCL)
IBM Network Printer 24 PS
IBM Personal Page Printer II-30
IBM Personal Page Printer II-31
IBM Personal Pageprinter
IBM Personal Printer II 2380
IBM Personal Printer II 2381
IBM Personal Printer II 2390
IBM Personal Printer II 2391
IBM Portable 5183
IBM Portable Printer 5183
IBM Proprinter
IBM Proprinter II
IBM Proprinter III
IBM Proprinter X24
IBM Proprinter X24e
IBM Proprinter XL
IBM Proprinter XL II
IBM Proprinter XL III
IBM Proprinter XL24
IBM Proprinter XL24e
IBM PS/1 2205
IBM QuickWriter 5204
IBM QuietWriter III
Kyocera F-1000
Kyocera F-1000A
Kyocera F-1010
Kyocera F-1200S
Kyocera F-1800
Kyocera F-1800A
Kyocera F-2000A
Kyocera F-2010
Kyocera F-2200
Kyocera F-2200S
Kyocera F-3000
Kyocera F-3000A
Kyocera F-3010
Kyocera F-3300
Kyocera F-5000
Kyocera F-800
Kyocera F-800A
Kyocera F-820
Kyocera FS-1000 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1200 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1500 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1500 / FS-1500A
Kyocera FS-1500A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1550 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1550 / FS-1550A
Kyocera FS-1550+
Kyocera FS-1550+ (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1550A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1600
Kyocera FS-1600 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1600 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1600+
Kyocera FS-1600+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1600A
Kyocera FS-1600A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1600A (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1700
Kyocera FS-1700 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-1700 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1700+
Kyocera FS-1700+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1714M (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-1750 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3400 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3400 / FS-3400A
Kyocera FS-3400+
Kyocera FS-3400+ (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3400A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3500 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3500 / FS-3500A
Kyocera FS-3500A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3600
Kyocera FS-3600 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3600 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3600+
Kyocera FS-3600+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3600A
Kyocera FS-3600A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3600A (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3700
Kyocera FS-3700 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-3700 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3700+
Kyocera FS-3700+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3718M (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-3750 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-400 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-400 / FS-400A
Kyocera FS-400A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-5500 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-5500 / FS-5500A
Kyocera FS-5500A (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-5800C (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-5900C (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-600
Kyocera FS-600 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-6300
Kyocera FS-6300 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-6500
Kyocera FS-6500 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-6500 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-6500+
Kyocera FS-6500+ (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-6500+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-6700 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-680
Kyocera FS-680 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-6900 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-7000
Kyocera FS-7000 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-7000+
Kyocera FS-7000+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-7028M (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-800
Kyocera FS-800 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-850 (KPDL)
Kyocera FS-850 / FS-850A
Kyocera FS-9000
Kyocera FS-9000 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera LS-6550
Kyocera Mita Ci-1100
Kyocera Mita Ci-1100 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita DP-1400
Kyocera Mita DP-1400 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita DP-1800
Kyocera Mita DP-1800 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita DP-2800
Kyocera Mita DP-2800 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita DP-2800Plus
Kyocera Mita DP-2800Plus (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita DP-3600
Kyocera Mita DP-3600 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita FS-1000+ (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita FS-1800 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita FS-3800 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera Mita KM-4230
Kyocera Mita KM-5230
Kyocera Mita KM-6230
Kyocera P-2000 (KPDL)
Kyocera Q-8010 (KPDL)
Labtec USB Audio
Lexmark 1020 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark 1020 Color Jetprinter (Mono)
Lexmark 2380 Plus
Lexmark 2381 Plus
Lexmark 2390 Plus
Lexmark 2391 Plus
Lexmark 3000 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark 3200 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark 4039 LaserPrinter Plus
Lexmark 4039 Plus PS
Lexmark 4226 Model 302
Lexmark 5700 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Color 4079 plus PS
Lexmark ExecJet IIc
Lexmark Forms Printer 4227
Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 Plus
Lexmark Optra
Lexmark Optra C
Lexmark Optra C PS
Lexmark Optra C710 (MS)
Lexmark Optra C710 PS
Lexmark Optra Color 1200 (MS)
Lexmark Optra Color 1200 PS
Lexmark Optra Color 40 PS
Lexmark Optra Color 45 PS
Lexmark Optra E
Lexmark Optra E+ (MS)
Lexmark Optra E310 (MS)
Lexmark Optra E310 PS
Lexmark Optra E312 (MS)
Lexmark Optra E312 PS
Lexmark Optra E312L (MS)
Lexmark Optra Ep
Lexmark Optra Ep PS
Lexmark Optra K 1220 (MS)
Lexmark Optra K 1220 PS
Lexmark Optra L Plus Series
Lexmark Optra L Plus Series PS
Lexmark Optra L Series
Lexmark Optra L Series PS
Lexmark Optra M410 (MS)
Lexmark Optra M410 PS
Lexmark Optra M412 (MS)
Lexmark Optra M412 PS
Lexmark Optra N
Lexmark Optra N PS
Lexmark Optra Plus
Lexmark Optra Plus PS
Lexmark Optra PS
Lexmark Optra R Plus Series
Lexmark Optra R Plus Series PS
Lexmark Optra R Series
Lexmark Optra R Series PS
Lexmark Optra S 1250 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 1250 PS
Lexmark Optra S 1255 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 1255 PS
Lexmark Optra S 1620 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 1620 PS
Lexmark Optra S 1625 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 1625 PS
Lexmark Optra S 1650 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 1650 PS
Lexmark Optra S 1855 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 1855 PS
Lexmark Optra S 2420 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 2420 PS
Lexmark Optra S 2450 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 2450 PS
Lexmark Optra S 2455 (MS)
Lexmark Optra S 2455 PS
Lexmark Optra S PS
Lexmark Optra SC 1275 (MS)
Lexmark Optra SC 1275 PS
Lexmark Optra Se 3455 (MS)
Lexmark Optra Se 3455 PS
Lexmark Optra T610 (MS)
Lexmark Optra T610 PS
Lexmark Optra T612 (MS)
Lexmark Optra T612 PS
Lexmark Optra T614 (MS)
Lexmark Optra T614 PS
Lexmark Optra T616 (MS)
Lexmark Optra T616 PS
Lexmark Optra W810 (MS)
Lexmark Optra W810 PS
Lexmark ValueWriter 300
Lexmark ValueWriter 600
Lexmark Z11 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Z22-Z32 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Z31 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Z42 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Z51 Color Jetprinter
Lexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter
Logitech Microphone (Pro 3000)
Logitech Microphone (Web)
Logitech QuickCam Express
Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000
Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 (08B0)
Logitech QuickCam Web
Logitech QuickCam Web (0801)
Logitech USB Camera (Pro 3000)
Logitech USB Camera (Web)
Microsoft Digital Sound System 80
Microsoft MPU Audio Driver(WDM)
Minolta Color PageWorks/Pro (MS)
Minolta Color PageWorks/Pro PS
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 12 (MS)
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 12 PS
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 18
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 18 PS
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 20 (MS)
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 20 PS
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 25
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 25 PS
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 6
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 6e (MS)
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 6ex
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 8
Minolta PageWorks/Pro 8e
Minolta Pi3500
Minolta Pi6200
Minolta SP 3000
Minolta SP 3500
MINOLTA-QMS 2060 Print System (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS 2425 Print System (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS 3260 Print System (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS 4032 Print System (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS 4060 Print System (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS magicolor 2 (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS magicolor 2+ (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS magicolor 2200 (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS magicolor 330 (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS magicolor 6100 (PS)
MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1100 (PCL)
MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 4100 (PCL)
NEC Colormate PS
NEC Colormate PS/40 v51.9
NEC Colormate PS/80 v51.9
NEC Jetmate 400
NEC Jetmate 800
NEC Pinwriter CP6
NEC Pinwriter CP7
NEC Pinwriter P20
NEC Pinwriter P2200
NEC Pinwriter P2plus
NEC Pinwriter P30
NEC Pinwriter P3200
NEC Pinwriter P3300
NEC Pinwriter P5200
NEC Pinwriter P5300
NEC Pinwriter P5XL
NEC Pinwriter P6
NEC Pinwriter P60
NEC Pinwriter P6200
NEC Pinwriter P6300
NEC Pinwriter P6plus
NEC Pinwriter P7
NEC Pinwriter P70
NEC Pinwriter P7plus
NEC Pinwriter P90
NEC Pinwriter P9300
NEC Pinwriter P9XL
NEC Silentwriter 1097 PS
NEC SilentWriter 95 v2010.119
NEC Silentwriter 95 v2011.111
NEC Silentwriter 97 v2011.111
NEC Silentwriter LC 860
NEC Silentwriter LC 860 Plus
NEC Silentwriter LC890 v47.0
NEC Silentwriter LC890XL v50.5
NEC Silentwriter S102
NEC Silentwriter2 290 v52.0
NEC Silentwriter2 90 v52.2
NEC Silentwriter2 990 v52.3
NEC SuperScript 1260
NEC SuperScript 1400
NEC SuperScript 1450
NEC SuperScript 1450 PS
NEC SuperScript 1800
NEC SuperScript 1800 PS
NEC SuperScript 4200N PS
NEC SuperScript 4400 PS
NEC SuperScript 4600 PS
NEC SuperScript 4650 PS
NEC SuperScript 4650N PS
NEC SuperScript 4650NX PS
NEC SuperScript 860
NEC SuperScript 870
NRG C7005w RPS
NRG D4105/28105/32105 PCL
NRG D415s/2815S/3215s PCL
NRG D415s/2815S/3215s PS
NRG D418/2818/3218 PCL
NRG D418/2818/3218 PS
NRG D422/2822/3222 PCL
NRG D422/2822/3222 PS
NRG D427/2827/3227 PCL
NRG D427/2827/3227 PS
NRG D435/2835/3235 PCL
NRG D435s/2835S/3235s PCL
NRG D445/2845/3245 PCL
NRG D455/2855/3255 PCL
NRG D465/2865/3265 PCL
NRG D485/2885/3285 PCL
NRG D555/2955/3355 PCL
NRG D570/2970/3370 PCL
NRG P7027 PS
OKI C7200
OKI C7400
OKI C9200
OKI C9400
Oki ML 4410
Oki ML3320
Oki ML3321
Oki ML3390
Oki ML3391
Oki OL-1200ex
Oki OL-600ex
Oki OL-610ex
Oki OL-810ex
Oki OL1200ex/PS
Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM)
Okidata ML 321 Turbo/D (IBM)
Okidata OL-1200
Okidata OL-600e
Okidata OL-610e
Okidata OL-810e
Okidata OL1200/PS PostScript
Okidata OL610e/PS PostScript
OKIPAGE 20/20n
Olivetti DM 109
Olivetti DM 119
Olivetti DM 124
Olivetti DM 124 C
Olivetti DM 124 L
Olivetti DM 209 L
Olivetti DM 224 L
Olivetti DM 309
Olivetti DM 309 L
Olivetti DM 309 S
Olivetti DM 309 SL
Olivetti DM 324
Olivetti DM 324 L
Olivetti DM 324 S
Olivetti DM 324 SL
Olivetti DM 600
Olivetti DM 600 S
Olivetti DM 624
Olivetti DM 95
Olivetti ETV 5000
Olivetti JP 150
Olivetti JP 150 WS
Olivetti JP 170 (Color)
Olivetti JP 170 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 170 S (Color)
Olivetti JP 170 S (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 190 (Color)
Olivetti JP 190 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 192 (Color)
Olivetti JP 192 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 250
Olivetti JP 270
Olivetti JP 350
Olivetti JP 350S
Olivetti JP 360 (Color)
Olivetti JP 360 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 370 (Color)
Olivetti JP 370 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 450 (Color)
Olivetti JP 450 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 470 (Color)
Olivetti JP 470 (Monochrome)
Olivetti JP 50
Olivetti JP 70
Olivetti JP 790 (Color)
Olivetti JP 792 (Color)
Olivetti JP 792 (Photo)
Olivetti JP 795 (Color)
Olivetti JP 795 (Photo)
Olivetti JP 90 (Color)
Olivetti JP 90 (Monochrome)
Olivetti PG 108
Olivetti PG 208 M2
Olivetti PG 306
Olivetti PG 306 PS (13 Fonts)
Olivetti PG 306 PS (35 Fonts)
Olivetti PG 308
Olivetti PG 308 HS
Olivetti PG 308 HS PostScript
Olivetti PG 404
Olivetti PG 408
OmniVision Camera Mic
Onkyo SE-U55 Audio Device
Opcode SonicPort
Opcode SonicPort Optical
Panasonic KX-P1081
Panasonic KX-P1121
Panasonic KX-P1123
Panasonic KX-P1124
Panasonic KX-P1124i
Panasonic KX-P1150
Panasonic KX-P1170
Panasonic KX-P1180
Panasonic KX-P1624
Panasonic KX-P1654
Panasonic KX-P1695
Panasonic KX-P2023
Panasonic KX-P2123
Panasonic KX-P2124
Panasonic KX-P2130
Panasonic KX-P2180
Panasonic KX-P2624
Panasonic KX-P3123
Panasonic KX-P3124
Panasonic KX-P3624
Panasonic KX-P4400
Panasonic KX-P4410
Panasonic KX-P4420
Panasonic KX-P4430
Panasonic KX-P4440
Panasonic KX-P4450
Panasonic KX-P4450i
Panasonic KX-P4451
Panasonic KX-P4455 v51.4
Panasonic KX-P5400 v2013.112
Panasonic KX-P5410 v2013.110
Panasonic KX-P6500
Philips 645 USB Camera Mic
Philips 646 USB Camera Mic
Philips 675 USB Camera Mic
Philips 680 USB Camera Mic
Philips 690 USB Camera Mic
Philips DSS 330 Speakers
Philips DSS 350/370 Speakers
Philips PCVC750K Camera; Audio (Microphone)
Philips SpeechMike Pro
Philips ToUcam Fun Camera; Audio (Microphone)
Philips ToUcam Pro Camera; Audio (Microphone)
Photomax PM-1200PS
Ricoh Aficio 1050 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 150 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 150 PS
Ricoh Aficio 180 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 180 PS
Ricoh Aficio 200/250 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 220 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 220 PS
Ricoh Aficio 270 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 270 PS
Ricoh Aficio 340 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 350/355 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 350e/355e PCL
Ricoh Aficio 401
Ricoh Aficio 450/455 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 450e/455e PCL
Ricoh Aficio 550 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 551 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 650 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 700 PCL
Ricoh Aficio 850 PCL
Ricoh Aficio AP2600 PCL
Ricoh Aficio AP2600N PCL
Ricoh Aficio AP2700 PCL
Ricoh Aficio AP2700 PS
Ricoh Aficio AP3200 PCL
Ricoh Aficio AP4500 PCL
Ricoh Aficio MP01
Ricoh LASER AP1400 PCL
Ricoh LASER AP1600 PCL
Ricoh LASER AP2000 PCL
Ricoh LASER AP2100 PCL
Ricoh LASER AP2600 PCL
Ricoh LP-1200
Ricoh PC Laser 6000-PS v50.5
Samsung 6000 PS
Samsung 6100 Series PCL5e
Samsung 6100 Series PS
Samsung 7000 Series PS
Samsung 7050 Series PS
Samsung 7300 PS
Samsung MJ-630A
Samsung MJ-705A
Samsung MJC-640A
Samsung MJC-650A
Samsung ML-1250/ML-250
Samsung ML-1650 Series PCL6
Samsung ML-1660 PCL6
Samsung ML-2050 PCL6
Samsung ML-2850 PCL6
Samsung ML-3550N PCL6
Samsung ML-4600 PCL6
Samsung ML-5000A/QwikLaser 5000A
Samsung ML-5100A/QL-5100A
Samsung ML-5200A PCL5e
Samsung ML-5300A PCL5e
Samsung ML-6000/QwikLaser 6000
Samsung ML-6050/QwikLaser 6050
Samsung ML-6060 Series PCL6
Samsung ML-6060 Series PS
Samsung ML-6080 PCL6
Samsung ML-7000/QwikLaser 7000
Samsung ML-7040AG PCL5e
Samsung ML-7050 Series PCL5e
Samsung ML-7300 PCL6
Samsung ML-8000W PCL5e
Samsung ML-8000WG PCL5e
Samsung ML-8050WG PCL5e
Samsung ML-8060 PCL5e
Samsung ML-8100W PCL5e
Samsung ML-8200 PCL5e
Samsung ML-84(PCL)
Samsung ML-85(PCL)
Samsung ML-8500W PCL5e
Samsung QL-84
Samsung QL-85
Samsung SCX-5120 Series
Samsung SF-8100 Series
Samsung SI-630A
Savin 2015DP PCL
Savin 2015DP PS
Savin 2055DP PCL
Savin 2070DP PCL
Savin 2085DP PCL
Savin 2105DP PCL
Savin 9918DP PCL
Savin 9918DP PS
Savin 9922DP PCL
Savin 9922DP PS
Savin 9927DP PCL
Savin 9927DP PS
Savin 9935D PCL
Savin 9935DP/2035DP PCL
Savin 9935DPE/2035DPE PCL
Savin 9945DP/2045DP PCL
Savin 9945DPE/2045DPE PCL
Savin 9955DP PCL
Savin 9965DP PCL
Savin SLP14 PCL
Savin SLP16 PCL
Savin SLP20 PCL
Savin SLP21 PCL
Savin SLP26 PCL
Savin SLP26n PCL
Savin SLP27 PCL
Savin SLP27 PS
Savin SLP32 PCL
Savin SLP416c RPS
Savin SLP45 PCL
Savin SLP517c RPS
Sharp AO-4100P
Sharp AO-4100P PS
Sharp JX-9300
Sharp JX-9460
Sharp JX-9460 PS
Sharp JX-9500
Sharp JX-9500 PS
Sharp JX-9500E
Sharp JX-9500H
Sharp JX-9600
Sharp JX-9600 PS
Sharp JX-9660
Sharp JX-9660 PS
Sharp JX-9680
Sharp JX-9685
Sharp JX-9700
Sharp JX-9700E
Sharp JX-9700E PS
Telex USB Microphone
Triumph Adler SDR 7706
Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS13
Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS35
USB Speakers
USB Video Camera for Intel Proshare technology
Xerox 3006
Xerox 4215/MRP PCL
Xerox 4215/MRP2 v2013.109
Xerox 4219/MRP PCL
Xerox 4219/MRP2 v2013.109
Xerox 4220/4230/MRP PCL
Xerox 4220/MRP v2015.108
Xerox 4230/MRP v2015.108
Xerox 4505
Xerox 4505 PS
Xerox 4510
Xerox 4510 PS
Xerox 4517 PostScript Level 2
Xerox 4520
Xerox 4520 PS
Xerox 4700 II PS
Xerox 4700 II Xscript
Xerox 4900 PostScript
Xerox 8808 PostScript
Xerox 8812 PostScript
Xerox DC 240/255/265 DocuTech PS
Xerox DCS 35
Xerox DCS20 v3.0ER2.26
Xerox DCS35 v3.0ER2.26
Xerox DocuColor40 w/ Splash RIP
Xerox DocuColor40 w/ SX1000 RIP
Xerox DocuColor40 w/ SX3000 RIP
Xerox DocuColor40 w/Cyclone RIP
Xerox DocuColor40 w/FieryXJ RIP
Xerox DocuColor40 with XJ+4.2
Xerox DocuColor5750 Splash RIP
Xerox Docucolor5750 w/ Fiery SI
Xerox DocuColor5750 w/ Fiery XJ
Xerox DocuColor5750 w/ Splash50
Xerox Document Centre 220
Xerox Document Centre 220 PS
Xerox Document Centre 230
Xerox Document Centre 230 PS
Xerox Document Centre 240
Xerox Document Centre 240 PS
Xerox Document Centre 255
Xerox Document Centre 255 PS
Xerox Document Centre 265
Xerox Document Centre 265 PS
Xerox Document Centre 332
Xerox Document Centre 332 PS
Xerox Document Centre 340
Xerox Document Centre 340 PS
Xerox Document Centre 420
Xerox Document Centre 420 PS
Xerox Document Centre 425
Xerox Document Centre 425 PS
Xerox Document Centre 432
Xerox Document Centre 432 PS
Xerox Document Centre 440
Xerox Document Centre 440 PS
Xerox Document Centre 460
Xerox Document Centre 460 PS
Xerox Document Centre 470
Xerox Document Centre 470 PS
Xerox Document Centre 480
Xerox Document Centre 480 PS
Xerox Document Centre 490
Xerox Document Centre 490 PS
Xerox Document Centre CS50 PS
Xerox DocuPrint 155 EPS PS3
Xerox DocuPrint 155 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 180 EPS PS3
Xerox DocuPrint 180 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 4050 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 4090 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 4508
Xerox DocuPrint 4512
Xerox DocuPrint 4512 PS
Xerox DocuPrint 4517
Xerox DocuPrint 4635 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 4850 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 4890 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 92C NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint 96 NPS PS2
Xerox DocuPrint C55 PCL 5C
Xerox DocuPrint C55 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N17
Xerox DocuPrint N17 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N2025
Xerox DocuPrint N2025 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N2125
Xerox DocuPrint N2125 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N24
Xerox DocuPrint N24 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N2825
Xerox DocuPrint N2825 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N32
Xerox DocuPrint N32 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N3225
Xerox DocuPrint N3225 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N40
Xerox DocuPrint N40 PS
Xerox DocuPrint N4025
Xerox DocuPrint N4025 PS
Xerox DocuPrint NC60
Xerox DocuPrint NC60 PS
Xerox DocuPrint P12
Xerox DocuPrint P1202
Xerox DocuPrint P1210
Xerox DocuPrint P8e
Xerox DocuPrint P8ex
Xerox DocuPrint-M750
Xerox DocuPrint-M760
Xerox DocuTech 135 PS2
Xerox DocuTech 6135
Xerox DocuTech 6135 (01.02.00)
Xerox DocuTech 6180
Xerox DocuTech 90 PS2
Xerox DocuTech 90 PS2 v2010-5
Xerox DP1300 Plus PS3 v1.0
Xerox DP900 Plus PS3 v1.0
Xerox DT/Print65 PS3 v1.1
Xerox DT/Print65 PS3 v1.1-KANJI
Xerox DT6100 PS3 v2.0
Xerox DT6115 PS3 v2.0
Xerox DT6135 PS3 v2.0
Xerox DT6135 PS3 v2.0-KANJI
Xerox DT6155 PS3 v2.0
Xerox DT6180 PS3 v2.0
Xerox DT6180 PS3 v2.0-KANJI
Xerox DWC Pro 610
Xerox MajestiK w/ Fiery SI RIP
Xerox MajestiK with Cyclone RIP
Xerox MajestiK with DocuPress RIP
Xerox MajestiK with Fiery XJ RIP
Xerox MajestiK with Splash RIP
Xerox Phaser 1235 PCL 5C
Xerox Phaser 1235 PS
Xerox Regal with Cyclone RIP
Xerox Regal with DocuPress RIP
Xerox Regal with Fiery SI RIP
Xerox Regal with Fiery XJ RIP
Xerox Regal with Splash RIP
XPrint 4915 PostScript
XPrint 4920/4925 PostScript
Yamaha USB Audio

Operating Systems: Win XP

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Driver File Information

Downloaded: 515 times

File Size: 7.93 MiB

File Name: Adobe LaserJet II Cartridge v52.3